Providing holistic psychiatric evaluations for adolescents and their parents.

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Dr. Abilash Gopal M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist with over 10 years experience treating adolescents in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

He received his BA from Princeton and MD from Tufts. During medical school, he was selected for the Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellowship at Harvard and spent a year conducting neuroscience and brain-computer interface research. He then completed his residency at UCSF Department of Psychiatry, where he was Chief Resident.

Dr. Gopal maintains a concierge private practice with psychotherapy at the core of his work.

Perhaps it takes courage to raise children.
— John Steinbeck
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My Mission

After over a decade of treating adolescents with a range of psychological and behavioral issues, I’ve learned that there is an alarming lack of good mental health care available. Parents are confused and even terrified by their child’s destructive choices, and mental health professionals have good intentions but frequently do more harm than good. I created the Marin Family Wellness Center to provide families with a sophisticated and holistic assessment of their child’s mental health along with honest and effective guidance on how to get their kids on the right path to success and well-being.


My psychiatric evaluation consists of meeting with the adolescent followed by meeting with the parents for a total time of about three hours. I will provide a detailed report outlining my assessment and recommendations within a week. I also offer follow-up phone consults as needed as well as letters to schools and statements addressed to the court concerning custody disputes. Depending upon my availability, I may be able to treat your child clinically in my concierge psychotherapy practice which would entail weekly therapy sessions and medication management as needed.

The Process

I will conduct an in-depth psychiatric assessment considering all contributing factors, such as family history/genetic susceptibility, intellectual aptitude, home environment, conflict at school, social influences, drug and alcohol abuse, and the deficiencies of the child’s current treatment team, if any. At the end of the session, I will summarize my findings and suggest a treatment plan along with any medication recommendations, and I will provide honest and practical guidance for the parents to best support their child while also protecting their own well-being. My written report will reiterate my recommendations, as well as summarize my expert opinion concerning the child’s mental health and any factors that may be impeding the child’s development into a confident, resilient, and self-sufficient adult.

SF Office

Location & Contact

My office is located in the Marina District in San Francisco. I also regularly and effectively work with families over Skype.

Rates & Policies

Please contact me to discuss my current rates and practice policies. I do not take insurance, but I can provide an invoice that you can submit to your insurance company. I also do not give referrals to other providers.

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